Some people have been complaining about the new page review. The new page review no longer allows a page user to edit the name on the editing page. However, there is an easy way to change your page without finding it hard to do.

Step: log in to your Facebook account and go to the menu on your profile, click on the page, and go to the page you intend to edit its name after doing that. Now that you’ve switched to your page. Go to the menu again and click on settings under the menu. Now the first box is where you will click to change your name.

Note: you must not make any mistake when changing your name, calm yourself down and don’t be in a hurry so that you won’t make any mistake in changing to a name you want any mistake you made it after three months you will have access to change your name again. 

And take note of this again, Facebook might decline to change your page name if the name you are changing to doesn’t correlate with the context of your page. I will advise you to change to any name that is similar to your page niche, to avoid decline. But if it’s a new page that is still blank, you are free to change it to any name you want. 

Okay, write the name you want to change in the box and go ahead put your Facebook password in the following box, and click proceed. After one minute, congrats you’ve successfully changed your page name.

This is very easy to do, Do not delay. Go and try it now and get it done. If you are facing any issues. Get back here and hit me up on contact us. 

Thank you.

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